Gents Products


We stock many products for our customers, ideal gifts for man in your life :)


Hair Straightners - £129.95


Freedom 24/7 straightners (cordless) - £99.00


Fudge Fat Hed - Get a thick head with Fat Hed. Watch it explode with shine, hold and texture upon application with a firm hold that goes all the way, all day long.


 fudge-putty Fudge Hair Varnish - £11.95


Fudge Hair Shaper - Get onto the hard stuff with this strong hold multi-purpose styling tool that really goes the distance. Texturise, mould, piece or simply just shag it out any way you want for that totally 'lived-in' look.
75g £13.95 & 50g £4.95

matte matte22

Fudge Matte Hed - Get some flexible style to your head with firm hold Matte Hed. Work through your hair for definition and movement with extreme matte texture.


DAX Green and Gold - Dax Wax Green and Gold is a hard hair wax made from bees wax a natural oils, this product is best for short hair.



DAX Short & Neat - The perfect light hair dress for the short, natural look. Offers a medium hold and is great for all hair types. Best if used on short to medium length hair.


Spiker Blue -This is the real deal.
Unparalled performance.
Hard core hold.
Ability to create any shape, including straight out spikes.
Firmest, fiercest hold possible.
Protects and maintains style with vitamins catalysts and sea kelp.
Milk and honey fragrance.


Techni Art - fibre gel for creating strong structures and extreme styles. It has the highest hold factor (6) in the tecni art range meaning that it'll hold any style from a glorious updo to outrageous, punk spikes.


OSMO Clay Wax - £6.90


Revlon Intragen 5 Anti-Hair Loss Treatment - £51.95

Big White Smile tooth whitening - £99.00